Rob Vaughan / Billabong retro ‘twinny’ performance retro fish


Here I have for sale a really cool, semi- retro board. It’s approx 15yr old Rob Vaughan (hand shaped in France for Billabong) ‘Twinny’.

It’s a really cool shape with chined rails and a classic twin feel - but with some more modern performance thrown in. Designed for use as a Twin + trailer fin but works well as a thruster too.

I was bought it by my now wife some 15’ish years ago. I’ve just uncovered it in the garage and accepted I’ll never surf it again...I’m on ~40L boards these days.

It’s in really nice condition with no ‘dings’ just compressions on the deck. It’s not yellowed much as it’s been in a bag for most of its life.

FCS MR TFX fins long gone I am afraid, but that’s what it was made for.

Dims in the photos and in title. At a guess I’d say 30’ish litres.
I can thrown in a set of thrusters to get you going. Creatures day bag also included - dodgy zip but protects the board.

I can post for £20 - I have proper board packaging from my new board that just arrived.

Surfboard length (feet and inches): 5.11