Patrik slalom 95

2019 Patrik slalom 95

Had it for under a year, used in no competitions and hasn’t had a lot of use so is in excellent condition
2019 board and shape unchanged for 2020 so fully equipped with all the latest and most advanced technologies, designs and materials
Full slalom board so amazingly fast, great on manoeuvres and super early to get planing. Beat your friends in aspect on the water!
New is £2100
Perfect for any kind of reaching, slalom, free ride, fast free ride,
Has a big wind range of around 16-30+ knots as it’s 95 litres
Also a great point for this board is that it hasn’t had big stress and pressure through it as I’m so light (65kg) compared to other slalom boards that have a had heavy people pushing the board to its limits
Footstraps are perfect- cushiony and comfortable
Only signs of wear are some light paint chips in wear areas which are inevitable
Has had a professional repair on the deck where the board was dropped. Damage was minor and didn’t need a pro repair but got it repaired to keep it in tip top condition. So I got it repaired to the highest of standards at no expense sparred as can be seen in pictures. Can only tell if you look closely
Based in oxford and Weymouth
Any questions please ask!
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