New 2020 9m Gong Superpower Wingfoil Wingsurf Wing

New 2020 9m Gong Superpower Wingfoil Wingsurf Wing. Condition is New.

I purchased this direct from Gong, but have decided to move over to a boom-system on my wings.

This wing is the 9m version (I am aware that some of the marketing pictures ablve are of the 6m version).  This is the largest wing on the market and will get you foiling in very low winds.

The wing is new and unopened in all original packaging and is in the UK.

Here is Gong's description:

The Wing Superpower delivers all the power you’ve been dreaming of.

The practice of Wing at high level is evolving and it is becoming obvious that you will not be able to cover all your needs with a single wing shape.

We have often encountered wind conditions that require more power than with a “classic” Wing. In lighter wind conditions of course, but also on complicated spots with high wind speeds, currents or large wind variations.

In order to get the most out of these marginal conditions we have developed a specific Wing with a very low ratio. By compacting its shape, we have greatly lengthened the central length while reducing the wingspan. The power is clearly superior!!

We wanted a compact, hyper rigid Wing, with a deep and very wedged hollow section while maintaining total control over depower and have serious maneuverability. Its shape is reminiscent of very compact and maneuverable freestyle Kites. This moderate wingspan is greater on these large surfaces of 6m2 and 9m2!

Like the Pulse, the Superpower introduces a new generation of profiles capable of developing performance comparable to Kitesurfing and Windsurfing. It is totally stable when evolving at high speeds, to optimize the upwind and to have all the necessary firmness in the relaunching.

The de-segmentation of the leading edge in its central portion is a key to this new shape. The hollow section faces a long seamless section on the leading edge. The Superpower is much stiffer. A characteristic that’s doubled by our double layer reinforcement in this section!

The tips are very compact for easy and intuitive handling.

We’ve boosted the power base with a top recess and marked it with an extra panel between the batten and spinnaker. This panel allowed us to reduce the diameter of the batten, resulting in a significant weight loss.

With its two large windows ideally placed, you attack the jibes with confidence. The windows are not useful in navigation because you are looking ahead, not downwind. But taking a look without having to lift up your Wing before the jibe is a plus for attacking hard.

On the water the Superpower turns very average sessions into a great session. As soon as you get a trickle of air, the Super Power gives you the torque you need for efficient pumping. And once you’re in the air, there’s no softness to stop you. It’s really impressive.

It’s got a lot of torque, and it’s also very stable, with the hollow facing you. This makes it the queen of racing with upwind support and full on downwinds that are absolutely thrilling. But don’t limit it to just cromag navigating. It is a fabulous Wing in the waves for example, for those who know the European wave sails, it is exactly that: aft hand available but neutrality on request.

If you want to fly no matter what, the Super Power is a must.

This New Wing benefits from our best construction, currently the strongest on the market with double thickness leading edge segments and reinforced seams. This is a far cry from basic Kite technology. Our Wings are built to last and accept the constraints of this new sport. We use the best materials available while keeping our prices low thanks to our no middleman sales system. With basic materials, it would be 30% cheaper, but less durable and much less efficient. At GONG our Wings are the top of the range and if you have the misfortune to break them, they can be repaired from A to Z with the components we keep in stock by your favorite repairman.


Dihedral Shape: Wing self stabilising.

Compact and lightweight: easy handling.

A much more pronounced and hollow canopy with an additional panel between the Center Strut and the spinnaker for more power.

Large diameter Leading Edge: maintains the structure.

Very wide tips for maintaining power but in advanced position which limits wear drag.

Very low ratio with a long wish length for maximum power.


Leading Edge and inflatable Center Bladder.​

3 grip handles on the leading edge.

Handles on the inflatable center blade (the number of handles depends on the wing’s size).

2 big windows.

A leash attachment.

Large diameter screw valve and One Pump Express System: super easy to inflate / deflate at lightning speed.

2 sheaths for intermediate fiberglass struts.

Anti Friction Canopy reinforcement in front of the valve.

PVC reinforcements 1680D on the tips