Patrik slalom 115 air inside

2019 Patrik slalom 115 air inside

The most premium windsurf board money can buy (over £3000 new). Has a hollow construction with a honeycomb structure. The revolutionary construction of this board makes it incredibly light but also unbelievably stiff which makes an superior feeling on the water. This allows the board second to none on speed, ease on manoeuvres and time in which it takes to get planing. This means that this is the boss of all boards for blasting around, slalom and free ride if used with a free ride fin. Elevate your enjoyment and time on the water while smashing your friends in every aspect!
Along with the performance it is also an amazing looking board, stands out from anything else. Full deck has a glitter finish so when it catches the sun it is stunning. I have tried to capture this in one of the pictures but again it doesn’t do it justice.
Has a massive wind range due to the size and construction of the board- I was able to use this in 12-30 knots.
Extremely rare board due to the big price tag when new so amazing opportunity to get your hands on an F1 grade piece of kit for over half the price!
Had it for under a year, used in one competition which was a pwa but other than that it hasn’t had a lot of use so is in excellent condition
Footstraps are perfect- cushiony and comfortable
Only signs of wear are some light paint chips in wear areas which are inevitable
I have perfect fins for the board if needed- slalom or free ride!
Based in oxford and Weymouth
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